3 Ways to Get Free Engagement on Your Band's Facebook Page After Facebook's Latest Update


Engage with your fans

With over 1.8 billion active users on Facebook, it’s no surprise that Facebook is the main hub for musicians to establish their online presence. It used to be that it was fairly easy to engage with your fans—you simply posted content and your fans responded to it.

However, with Facebook’s recent newsfeed update, all of that is about to change.

In recent years, Facebook’s organic reach has declined. It’s estimated now that only about 2% of a page’s fan base will see any content they post. That means that if your band’s page has 100,000 fans, only about 2,000 of them will see what you’re posting, unless it is given a push with paid advertising. And now, paid advertising is going to become more prominent than ever, thanks to Facebook’s decision to give priority to posts from friend’s and family over posts from band pages.

Luckily for us starving artists, there is a way to engage with our fans without using paid advertising. Facebook’s new update prioritizes pages that spark meaningful conversation, so posting content that engages your fans and gets them talking is more important than ever.

Here’s 3 free ways you can maximize your engagement on Facebook:

1) Give them a behind the scenes sneak peak

Fans love seeing their favorite bands off stage. Shooting a short video of band practice and asking for their feedback is a great way to get quality engagement and make fans feel like they are a part of the creative process.

2) Use polls to get them involved

Polls are both an excellent way to gather data and to make fans feel like they are a part of the creative process. Something as simple as polling whether you should play a show in Orlando or Tampa can give you valuable data about where your fans are and is an easy way for them to interact with you.

3) Pay attention to trending topics

Your band is made up of passionate people. Your fans are passionate people. Don’t lose out on the opportunity to create meaningful conversation between you and them. Keep an eye on trending topics—if you are not particularly up to date on the latest news, Facebook has a “trending” bar to the right of your Newsfeed that you can check out and even filter by science, sports, technology, and entertainment. Create posts and even events around these topics and show your fans that you believe in something.

Facebook’s new update might make it more difficult to reach your fans, but by following these steps you can get around that and optimize your organic reach.

Written by Jaimie Allen, Cat Family's Creative Marketing Strategist and Resident Weekend Ghost Hunter.