Blue Bois

Big Blue

Officially formed in the fall of 2016, members of Big Blue have collaborated for almost nine years in various Tallahassee bands including indie pop outfit Drunken Cartographer. Their music conjures a nostalgic atmosphere of indie pop, rock, and surf, with layered hints of blues and southern rock.

The North Florida natives just finished recording their first album at Indianhead Factory, an emergent, Tallahassee studio and are planning their first tour following their August 1st release.


“Curtain Call,” from Big Blue’s self-titled album:


It’s no surprise that Tallahassee audiences expressed support for Big Blue, a band that fully embodies the grassroots spirit of the city’s music scene.

Anthony Martinez, FSVIEW

The album’s single, “Curtain Call,” perfectly showcases the band’s ability to experiment with genre and have fun. Having a dark and gritty surf-rock sound, the song is thinking back to an ex-lover.

Sara Santora, The Sound

If you’re itching for that mellow surf-rock fix, Tallahassee band Big Blue has got your back. Their song “Curtain Call” in particular calls upon this sound to create mellow groove music while also revisiting the DIY sound of 90’s rock.

— Joe Opaleski, MIUEX

Initially a three piece, the Big Blue eventually grew to include friends Taylor Jones on guitar and Eric Pate on keyboard. As members moved, Drunken Cartographer officially disbanded. But the collaboration lived on, with Nicholas Cage-themed Halloween cover bands and the occasional busking gig on the streets of New Orleans. These pivotal years made for a seamless reunion in 2016 when Big Blue was officially formed. Fueled by years of sharing stages, their cohesive performances blend a fun looseness with refined songwriting. Described as having a sound that evokes a certain familiarity that is difficult to place, the band draws fans from across genres and generations with a blend of numerous styles and influences, including Tom Petty, Dr. Dog, Bruce Springsteen, and Wilco.