bois who be cryin

Boys Who Cry

Boys Who Cry is a four-piece Tallahassee-based, cross-genre band. Originating as a Spongebob cover band, the group is sincerely dedicated to delivering enjoyable entertainment that fully engages any audience. Boys Who Cry has developed a unique sound inspired by a wide variety of artists, from the slow, deep grooves of Daft Punk, to the melodic changes of Nina Simone, to the heart-pumping punches of Prince and George Clinton. With a pinch of Español in every song, Boys Who Cry deliver a smooth, self-proclaimed, “vibey” sound that’s easy on the ears, yet makes you want to tap your feet, bob your head and let loose on the dance floor. Employing the timeless themes of love and romance into their original songs, Boys Who Cry encourage listeners to grab a box of four-ply tissues before any listen.

Los Chicos Que Lloran, the band’s first EP, is live on Spotify and other major platforms!