Lake Bois

Camp green lake

Camp Green Lake was formed in late 2016 by Kent Carson, Zach Coursey, and Michael Small.  After a 3 am first show, on a cold December morning, the band began a short hiatus (hoping that people would request a reunion show, but, alas, no one cared).  Coming back into the scene during spring of 2017, Rhett Legendre joined CGL on drums and solidified the 4-piece. In the quiet four months, the band released "Demo" in February 2017 with songs "Myself, Myself" and "Gainesville Winters"


After months of making noises, the band released a split in January 2018 with the late Junior College Honor Roll. With influences from the Promise Ring, the Appleseed Cast, and You Blew It!, the band has developed a “well they aren’t my taste but I guess they’re good” style of emo rock.


"Teen Angst," their first single, is out now! Check it out on Spotify!