The Catalogue, Vol. 2

Written by Alex and Peter Koenig
Produced at Indianhead Factory by the Ethnikids

BAET — Get Home Safe



Written by TaReef KnockOut (Jared Mabry)
Produced by Donato Beats; mixed and mastered by Outlawed Beats

TaReef KnockOut — The Path



Written by Ryley Smith
Produced by Logan McKnight at Cat Family Studios

Ryley Smith — Rope



Music and lyrics by Patrick Saxer, Karl Vieweg, & Grayson Goga
Recorded by Scott Bell; mixed and mastered by Nic Dabby

Man-Moth — It’s Not Love It’s Mustard



Written by Ecology
Produced by Kris Kolp at Log Cabin Studios

Ecology — Just Say So



Produced by Nic Dabby

Hotel Paradise — Marion


Written & produced by Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison — Ask Me to Your Pool


Written by Austin Dienger
Produced by Jon Higger

Austin Dienger — Ain't No Love


Written by Capital 6
Produced by the Ethnikids

Capital 6 — Fikkle Feeling


Written by Sage Monkey
Recorded by Scott Bell and Chan Leonard at Cat Family & Indianhead Factory Studios
Mixed and mastered by Nic Dabby

Sage Monkey — Dancin’ in the Rain



Written by Tracy Horenbein
Recorded by Tracy Horenbein at Komplex Studio; mixed & mastered by Chan Leonard at Indianhead Factory

Once Great Estate — Sleeper and the Dream



Written by Taller Trees
Produced by Kris Kolp at Log Cabin Studios

Taller Trees — Old as Earth


Written by The Brown Goose
Recorded by Kyle Aligood & Barrence Dupree; mastered by George Clinton's What Studios.

The Brown Goose — Sgt. Mike Murphy


Written by Miranda McClaughlin
Produced by James Maraffi

Miranda McClaughlin — N64



Written by Connor Long
Mixed by Bryan Shiver & Connor Long; mastered by Connor Long

Epic Ganesh — Headless



Written by Wesley Seefried
Produced by Ryan MacFarlan & Logan McKnight

MF Goon — Work