50% Man. 50% Moth. 100% Music.

Likes: Lamp, the Moon, Tasty Sweaters, Real Rockers

Don't let the toothy grins fool you. There's fire behind them eyes. These young men came together 'cause they saw something within each other. Kindred spirits cut from the same cloth. It's hard to find such people in this world, and their music is nothing less than an extension of their friendship. Grayson Goga, Patrick Saxer, and Karl Vieweg met as schoolboys at Florida State University in 2014. Subscribers to the low-key and warm sounds of Slacker Rock, they have recently released their debut studio EP with Cat Family Records. The boys currently live in Brooklyn, New York and miss Tallahassee porch-hangs very much.

Man-Moth forever.


Self Titled EP

“It’s Not Love, It’s Mustard” (Music Video)