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How it works:

  • CHOOSE THE ENGINEER FOR YOU! There are four engineers available to mix your project, each with a unique and diverse musical background. Use the links below to explore each engineer’s past work, and to find the one for you.

  • ENGINEERS WORK INDEPENDENTLY. No need to come to the studio! If you would like to be present for the mixing process, you may be able to schedule a time to meet with the engineer at the studio, but these sessions are on low priority, meaning that they will be cancelled if a recording session is booked in the same time.

  • FLAT RATE PER SONG: For projects of 4 songs or less, there is a $30 flat rate per song. For projects of 5 projects or more, there is a $20 flat rate per song.

  • FINAL MIXES DELIVERED UPON PAYMENT. While you will receive and give feedback on several draft mixes, the FINAL mixes will not be available for download until payment has been received.

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